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Stickto the concept of innovation and differentiated marketing means, VTR is doing its best to enhance its core competitiveness and has builta good brand image at the constantly changing market.

Organizing Product and Science Promotion Conferences, Publicizing Safety Concepts to Customers
Technical service and marketing team of VTR organizes dozens of product and science promotion conferences each year to promote the green, safe and efficient enzyme preparations and provide strong support to the application of enzyme products and new product marketing.

Organizing and Joining in Seminars and Expos, Establishing its Leading Position in the Industry
VTR actively joins in and organizes academic exchanges, and co-organizes the China Animal Husbandry and Feed Industry Expo, which is held annually; in addition,it takes an active part in the VIV and other exhibitions, having established its leading position in the industry and enhanced its brand reputation.

Making Innovations of Interactive Exchanges, Maintaining and Developing Customer Relations
VTR organizes dozens of customer visits every year, which offer the customers an experience in the process management of the company on R&D,production and marketing, etc., and leave them a deep impression about the R&D strength, production scale, corporate culture and brand influence of the 

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