Driven by innovation, develop double solutions concurrently-VTR held the launch event of antibiotic-free combination products in 2019
With the coming ban of antibiotic products in China in 2020, on July 23, the sixth feed safety innovation technology forum was held in Nanchang, and VTR held the launch event of antibiotic-free combination products synchronically. Double solutions in the fields of bio-enzymatic preparations and medicinal plants were developed concurrently, and the antibiotic-free combination products came on stage! It goes hand in hand with the industry to welcome the new era of antibiotic resistance products. 
Personnel of the VTR Ph. D team were explaining products in the launch event
 The professional and sharp media Q & A session on the site
 The abuse of antibiotics is causing unpredictable huge disasters to human, including antibiotic residues in food, environmental pollution, drug resistance and superbugs. For animal husbandry, the abuse of antibiotics leads to the decline of animal immunity, the destruction of intestinal microbial system and the increase of death. As consumers, the industry and national management level pay more and more attention to food safety issues, and the countries all over the world have issued increasingly strict policies regarding the ban of antibiotic products one after another. 
In January 2006, the European Union started to ban antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) in feed; in 2013, the United States planned to ban the use of prophylactic antibiotics in livestock feed for three years from 2014 on; on March 13, 2019, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas of China issued No. 194 Announcement, requiring the withdrawal of all growth-promoting drug feed additive varieties except traditional Chinese medicine from January 1, 2020 on, and the stop of the production of commercial feeds containing growth-promoting drug feed additives (except traditional Chinese medicine) from July 1 on. The report of the 19th National Congress of the CPC explicitly proposed “promoting green development” and “implementing the food safety strategy so that the people can eat safely", which pointed out the direction for the development of China’s modern breeding and animal husbandry -- Green and antibiotic resistant breeding had become the inevitable trend of the industry development.
 On the site of the launch event of VTR antibiotic resistance combination products in 2019
 Over the years, VTR has consistently adhered to the goal of realizing the green circular economy and sustainable development of mankind, creating the enterprise core competitiveness with innovative modern biotechnology, continuously increasing investment in research and development, and promoting the overall implementation of industrial layout. Relying on the comprehensive strength of the leading enterprise in the biological enzyme preparation industry, the company continuously strengthens technical reserves in the antibiotic-free field and the application research on the substitution of biological enzyme preparation for antibiotic products, and has made good progress. In recent years, VTR has also suddenly raised as a new force in antibiotic-free products of the medicinal plant section! In 2018, through capital market operation, VTR acquired 51% equity of Changsha World-Way Biotech Inc., thus VTR officially entered the medicinal plant field, starting the cooperation of research and development platforms in the two fields, and implementing the application research on the synergistic substitution of biological enzymes and medicinal plants for antibiotic products.
World-Way Biotech Inc. is a large leading specialized enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production and operation of standardized medicinal plant extracts and plant-derived functional terminal products. In the past 30 years, World-Way Biotech Inc. has formed a complete industrial chain including the research on natural plants, germplasm selection and cultivation of traditional Chinese medicine resources, planting technology, primary processing, extraction process, product-listing and consumer terminal. The company has undertaken the national biological base common platform project Hunan Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Extraction Engineering Research Center”; in 2014, approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, the company and Hunan Agricultural University, Hunan Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Extraction Engineering Research Center Co., Ltd. jointly established the “National and Local Joint Engineering Center for the Creation and Establishment of Veterinary Traditional Chinese Medicine Resources and Chinese Veterinary Medicine”.
Antibiotic-free  era, double solutions take the lead
 With concurrent development and synergism of the research and development platforms in the fields of biological enzyme preparation and medicinal plants, it leads the new era of antibiotic-freefuture. VTR formally introduced the antibiotic-free breeding star product combination- Macleaya cordata+ glucose oxidase. With Macleaya cordata + glucose oxidase + combined protease + lysozyme + quenching enzyme as the backbones, it gives full play to the synergistic use effect of two kinds of antibiotic substitution products including biological enzyme preparation and medicinal plants, improves intestinal health, reduces and eliminates toxic and harmful substances, improves the body’s anti-stress ability to achieves the effect of antibiotics; besides, it aims to finally improve the production performance of farmed animals and reduce the cost of breeding, and become the preferred product combination and systematic solution in the era of antibiotic resistance breeding!
Sangrovit (Macleaya cordata) is China’s first Category-Ⅱ Chinese veterinary medicine preparation, the first natural plant-derived drug feed additive, and has been approved as the first Chinese veterinary drug feed additive, with 100% pure plant extract, without the withdrawal period, it can be added for use for a long time. 
Brief introduction to Sangrovit
Mechanism of action

Comparison of the effect of antibiotics and Sangrovit
Poultry antibiotics substitution product combination scheme: Comparison of the application effect on white feather broiler
Specification of Macleaya cordata: 100g : 0.375g 
Specification of Yibeikang (Glucose oxidase): 1000U/g (The same below)

Poultry antibiotics substitution product combination scheme: Comparison of the application effect on yellow feather broiler
Poultry antibiotics substitution product combination scheme: Comparison of the application effect on egg chicken

Comparison of the application effect of the antibiotics substitution scheme on suckling piglets

As the leader of the antibiotic-free era, VTR is the first one to struggle for it! The perseverance and transcendence of VTR has ushered in the highlighted moment in an instant; behind the brilliant achievements, it is continuous and wholehearted dedication made by VTR staff to convey the brand value of the enterprise.
Chairman & President of VTR Group Mr. Chen Shaomei was having a media interview
Group photo of the winners of the National Science and Technology Progress Award
In 2014, the project Innovation of Enzyme Preparation Technical System for Feed & Creation and Establishment of Key Products won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, the highest award in the field of science and technology in China;
In 2015, the setup of the VTR post-doctoral research center was approved.
In 2018, VTR National Enterprise Technology Center was launched, marking that the group’s scientific research system was formally included among the national scientific research platforms; The full-time postgraduate joint training base for Master’s Degree of VTR and South China University of Technology was approved to be established;
 In 2019, the awarding ceremony of VTR doctoral workstation in Guangdong Province was held.
Chairman Chen Shaomei attended the project signing ceremony
 On March 25, 2019, the signing ceremony of the project, “research and development of plant extracts and veterinary terminal products”, of VTR Group Hunan Micolta Biological Resources Co., Ltd. (the subsidiary of World-Way Biotech Inc.) in cooperation with Hunan Agricultural University was launched in Hunan. With a total investment of 10 million yuan, it will be used for the research and development of China’s breeding and animal husbandry industry and the in-depth development of antibiotic-free products in the medicinal plant sector.
 In 2018, China’s industrial feed output ranked top in the world for eight consecutive years, with an annual output value of more than 800 billion yuan. The new round of competitive pressure in the antibiotic-free era will promote the upgrading of enterprise products and survival of the fittest. Challenges and opportunities coexist, which will also lead to the reshuffle and restructuring of the industry structure. No matter in the national and government management level, or in the links of feed, breeding industry and consumers, it depends on the benign interaction and cooperation of various parties, so as to find a fundamental solution to the food safety problem which is highly valued, which is of extraordinary significance.
VTR aims to speed up the breakthrough of the bottleneck from research and development achievements to industrial applications through building a multi-disciplinary and cross-research and development platform for molecular biology, fermentation engineering, biological engineering, animal nutrition, medicinal plants, food science and other disciplines. In the launch event, VTR, relying on the combination of antibiotic-free products in multiple fields, proposed a systematic antibiotic substitution solution, and was committed to building the first brand in the antibiotic-free era! It aims to achieve the goal of promoting industrial transformation and upgrading and green development, and go hand in hand to meet the coming new era of antibiotic-free breeding!

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