VTR brought the antibiotic resistance technical solution to 2019 Asian Broiler Feed Quality Conference (FQC)
 The first conference site of FQC - Bangkok, Thailand
The first conference of 2019 Asian Broiler Feed Quality Conference (FQC) was held in Bangkok, Thailand on August 21. As the first Chinese enterprise to participate in the conference, VTR took part in FQC with the antibiotic resistance technical solution, competing with many well-known foreign companies on the same stage!

Dr. Juan from Spain, Overseas Technical Consultant, was making the technical report on behalf of VTR


FQC has a history of more than 20 years as the very influential high-end authoritative forum in the Asian feed industry. FQC has a different theme every year, and the theme of this year is “antibiotic resistance”. The agriculture and animal husbandry section of VTR has undergone deep cultivation for more than 20 years in the field of feed additives, through long-term experimental research and technical precipitation in the aspects of antibiotic resistance, pollution-free products and food safety, it has accumulated rich experience and achieved many results. At FQC, Vice President of VTR, Dr. Li Jianyuan, Director of Overseas Regional Technical Service, Dr. Peng Yu, Dr. Li Yewei and Overseas Technical Consultant from Spain Dr. Juan jointly attended the conference. With Use of Butyric Acid Glycerides as Potential Substitute of AGP in Poultry Feed as the title, Dr. Juan brought the specialized and unique “antibiotic resistance” technical solution on behalf of VTR! This was also the first time that a Chinese company came to the stage. Previously, only European and American enterprises participated in FQC high-end technology forum. Competing with DSM, Jefo, Adisseo, ABVista and many other well-known enterprises, we brought the VTR antibiotic resistance solution to the Asian feed industry and the world, and provided more antibiotic product options.

 The first Chinese enterprise VTR made its debut at FQC 


Chairman of the conference David Faulkner specially introduced VTR to the guests from around the world at the opening ceremony of FQC. He said, “What is very surprising and impressive is that for the first time, a Chinese company participated in FQC! This enterprise is VTR. Let’s give them applause!” Thunderous applause rang at the venue! At that moment, the warm applause made us feel so honored as one of VTR! 
Group photo of the VTR overseas team
 On-the-spot communication
This session of FQC lasted for two days, VTR technical team conducted technical exchange and sharing opinions with more than 300 professionals in the feed industry from the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, China, Japan, South Korea and various Southeast Asian countries, demonstrated the group’s research and development strength, and jointly discussed the future of antibiotic resistance for the industry!
Vice President Zhuang Binfeng was making a toast
 Vice President Li Jianyuan was exchanging with the guests
On the evening of August 21, VTR held a grand welcome dinner in Ah Yat abalone. At the dinner party, Vice President Li Jianyuan and Vice President Zhuang Binfeng led all the overseas staff, to extend the sincerest gratitude to the new and old friends who have been supporting VTR all the time. A cup of wine contained infinite friendship! Everyone toasted each other in the warm atmosphere. 
Banquet site
On the afternoon of August 22, the FQC high-end technology forum (Bangkok station) lasting for two days officially came to an end! Several Pakistani customers still showed interested in VTR’s “antibiotic resistance” solution and related products, and invited VTR’s technical team to have an in-depth discussion! Through this conference, VTR not only demonstrated the charm of Chinese enterprises at FQC for the first time, but also established more profound friendship with corporate customers around the world.
At the next station of FQC, let’s meet in Jakarta, Indonesia! From August 25 to 26, the VTR team will make persistent efforts to show our wonderful performance once again!

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