Got together in Jakarta VTR successfully concluded the trip to 2019 Asian Broiler Feed Quality Conference
The second conference of FQC (Jakarta)
Following the successful convening of the 2019 Asian Broiler Feed Quality Conference (FQC) in Bangkok, Thailand, the VTR overseas team went to Jakarta without a stop, capital of Indonesia to prepare for the second conference of FQC.
The VTR team was exchanging and sharing experience about antibiotic resistance with the customers before the conference
Group photo of the VTR team
The second conference of FQC was held in the hotel DoubleTree by Hilton, Jakarta, capital of Indonesia on August 26, lasting for two days. VTR first appeared on the afternoon of the first day of the conference. On behalf of VTR, Dr. Juan, Overseas Technical Consultant, first outlined the reasons for the ban on growth promotor antibiotics (AGP) in the context of the world’s “antibiotic substitution”. With two broiler antibiotic resistance tests made by VTR industry-university-research demonstration base and Columbia TOLIMA University as an example, Dr. Juan vividly explained that compared with other butyric acid products such as coated sodium butyrate, VTR tributyrin (WTN) has its unique advantages; through detailed experimental data, he clarified the feasibility of tributyrin in the "substitution" scheme of antibiotics.
Dr. Juan, Technical Consultant of VTR was delivering a speech
At present, Indonesia has a population of nearly 262 million. Since 2018, the Indonesian government has requested feed enterprises to completely eliminate the use of growth promoter antibiotics (AGP). Under the background of comprehensive ban on antibiotics in Indonesia, VTR launched a new product tributyrin (WTN) in time to meet the urgent needs of the market and customers on antibiotic substitution; through the efforts and promotion of VTR overseas marketing team in the Indonesian market last year and this year, many local famous enterprises have taken VTR products as the first choice of antibiotic substitution scheme. Combined with the theme of “antibiotic resistance”, all well-known Indonesian feed enterprises were present at the conference of FQC without exception. Professionals in the feed industry focused on the topic of antibiotic substitution inside and outside the venue, and discussed the practical experience of “antibiotic substitution” in the industry and market at present. Through more than 20 years of immersion and intensive cultivation in the feed additive sector, VTR, as the first Chinese enterprise to participate in the Asian high-end technology seminar FQC, shares and exchanges technical achievements in the antibiotic resistance field with many European and American enterprises, which is really commendable!
On the evening of August 26th, VTR invited the customers to participate in the carefully prepared welcome dinner. At the dinner party, Vice President Li Jianyuan and Vice President Zhuang Binfeng led the overseas team to express sincere gratitude to the old and new friends who have always supported VTR!
VTR’s thank-you dinner party
Within two days, more than 300 industry professionals from around the world exchanged advanced technologies. On the afternoon of August 27 after FQC came to an end, there were still many customers showing interest in VTR’s “antibiotic substitution” scheme and products, and they invited VTR’s technique team to have an in-depth discussion, which laid a solid foundation for our follow-up product promotion work in the Indonesian market.
So far, VTR’s trip to 2019 Asian Broiler Feed Quality Conference has come to a successful end!

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