VTR at 2022 China Dairy Exhibition


From September 5th - 7th, “The 13th Dairy Conference of China, 2022 China Dairy Summit,2022 China Dairy Exhibition” was held in Jinan, Shandong Province. The theme of this conference is “casting the soul of national confidence for China’s dairy industry, and striving for high-quality development.” This conference provided a comprehensive platform for enterprises to exchange industrial insight, and promote cooperation.


The Dairy Exhibition was well organized with a 100,000 square meters exhibition hall, 60,000 visitors, and more than 600 enterprises participating. VTR as the leading enterprise in China’s enzyme preparation industry and the largest manufacturer of enzyme preparation in Asia, brought products to this exhibition including:VTYeast S-7001, Kafusi", Yiduozyme A-F821, Yiduozyme A-F822, and “Meibaiqing”.



On September 6th, Ma Youxiang, the Vice-minister of Agriculture and rural affairs made a speech at the opening ceremony. Li Defa, the president of the China Dairy Association Academician also made a speech.



“The dairy exhibition is meaningful”said by leading officials, the exhibition helps enterprises to explore more possibilities, and contributes to revitalization of the dairy industry. The country’s 14th five-year plan was addressed in opening ceremony to provide a development goal for all.



Our booth located in the hall 7 C46, which highlights the technological feature with the development goal, we are not only to show our research&development capability but also to give visitors a warm welcome.


For ruminants, increasing feed utilization and ensuring ruminant's health is an essential precondition to achieve high-production. We strive for innovation and investment to upgrade our featured product“VTYeast S-7001”to a higher standard, which was awarded by national invention patent.


“VTYeast S-7001”is a new compound agent for ruminants, composed of active yeast and various enzymes. It is rich in vitamins and functional growth factors, together it can improve milk yield and weight gain of beef cattle and sheep; better animal performance, while reducing the incidence rate and metabolic diseases.


There are still many problems in the field of ruminant production and breeding, such as the high incidence rate of cattle, rumen health problems, low feed utilization rate, and so on. After years of research and development, our team has successfully developed the blockbuster product "Kafusi", which is mainly composed of complex enzymes and probiotics. This product will increase the weight gain of cattle while reducing the diarrhea rate; Improve animal performance and feed remuneration; Maintain the intestinal microecological balance, and enhance the nonspecific immunity.


Other products we brought include Yiduozyme A-F821, which improves feed utilization. Yiduozyme A-F822 is a compound enzyme for Silage, which can reduce nutrient loss and improve silage quality. “Meibaiqing” is also a compound enzyme that works on restraining mildew and bacteria.



To draw the attention of visitors, we set up a lucky wheel game with valuable gifts.



China's dairy industry has entered a critical stage in 2022. With the continuous impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, demand for healthy dairy products has increased significantly, which stimulates requirements for high-quality development. In this exhibition, our company embodies the leading scientific research and brand strength to deliver high-quality products at a reasonable price. In the future, we will continue to bring our innovation into full play, and contribute to the dairy industry.

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