Fulfill social responsibilities, carry out assistance work, and help rural revitalization

On August 3-4, 2022, a delegation from the United Front Work Department of Xiangzhou District Committee of Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province went to Fenggang County and Wuchuan County of Zunyi City, Guizhou Province for research. Chen Xiangrui, Member of the Standing Committee of Xiangzhou District Committee and Director of the United Front Work Department, Chen Shaomei, chairman of Xiangzhou District Federation of Industry and Commerce and Chairman of VTR, and other leaders and enterprise representatives of both places cooperated around the work of assistance, and conducted the signing and donation ceremony.


Group photo

In 2021, Zhuhai and Zunyi officially established the east-west cooperation and partner assistance relationship. As an enterprise with a high sense of political responsibility and social responsibility, VTR actively responds to the call of the country and deeply implements the assistance work.


At the signing and donation ceremony, VTR signed the Paired Assistance Agreement with Qiqi village in Tianqiao Town of Fenggang County and Chuantou Village of Heba sub-district. It also signed the Tripartite Cooperation Agreement on Consumption Cooperation with Purchase Instead of Donation with Zunyi Charity Federation and Guizhou Tianrong Agricultural Technology Product Development Co., Ltd. to further help the development of the local industry, VTR also donated cattle enzyme preparation.



Signing and donation ceremony

The development of macleaya cordata industry can not only provide a solution for the feed resistance in China, but also drive the farmers to get rid of poverty and become rich. Macleaya cordata Planting base in Qixin Village of Fenggang County was built by VTR in December 2021. The base covers a total area of more than 300 mu, leading the local people to plant macleaya cordata of more than 1,200 mu, involving more than 300 households. The construction of the macleaya cordata base in Qixin Village is not only related to the stable supply of the market, but also related to the high-quality development of the industry. It is also a significant measure conducive to the construction of the national food safety system, rural revitalization and industrial poverty alleviation. On the basis of suitable planting conditions in the future, the planting area of macleaya cordata in Qixin Village may be expanded to 8,000-10,000 mu, which is expected to drive at least 800 farmers to increase their incomes and get rich.

Participants inspected the macleaya cordata planting base in Qixin village

Members of the United Front Work Department of Xiangzhou District Committee also visited Tongxin Village of Zhennan Town and Tongde community of Wuchuan County, to investigate the industrial development of Wuchuan County. VTR and Tongxin Village of Zhennan Town and Tongde community signed a village-enterprise partnership agreement.


Zhuang Min, director of VTR Operation Center, donated to Tongxin Village of Zhennan Town and Tongde community on behalf of VTR

In this research and investigation, the funds and materials donated by VTR totaled 1 million yuan. This year, VTR plans to donate 2.5 million yuan, and in the next few years, it plans to donate more than 12 million yuan. It will also donate to university scholarships, schools and village offices in Jieyang area, excellent college entrance examination graduates from Inner Mongolia, Tianjin and Pingsha, basic education in Xiangzhou District, Guizhou Province and other difficult areas, and employees with internal difficulties, constantly giving back to the society, dedication to the society with practical actions, and contributing to common prosperity!

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