Biotechnology——Helping the high-quality development of the alcohol industry


Guangdong VTR Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300381) was established in 1991 and is headquartered in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province. The company has a nationally recognized enterprise technology center, an academician workstation, a post-doctoral research workstation, and five provincial-level R&D engineering centers; about 200 R&D personnel, with doctoral, master's, and other high-precision talents gathered together, core technology R&D personnel with rich experience in the industry, it is a leading enterprise in my country's biological enzyme preparation industry.


VTR-Headquarters office building

With the continuous improvement of China's economic level, the alcohol industry closely follows the concept and thinking of my country's economic development, and pays more attention to green manufacturing and reducing energy consumption. In the 1990s, the wide application of the double-enzyme method in the alcohol industry not only brought a cross-generational technological innovation to the alcohol industry in my country, but also greatly reduced the cost of alcohol production and the emission of pollutants. Today, the innovation of alcohol enzyme preparations is still one of the key factors that profoundly affect the further development of the alcohol industry.

VTR has continued to increase investment in the research and development of alcohol enzymes, and introduced outstanding talents and advanced equipment. Based on the deep understanding of alcohol enzymes, the company has screened natural alcohol enzymes with an excellent performance from a large-scale and rich enzyme resource library, and established a gene library of major enzyme varieties, including high temperature resistant α-amylase, Glucoamylase, acid protease, etc., and created a complete application research platform from laboratory to pilot test.


VTR's professional R&D team has systematically carried out research work on the directed evolution of various enzymes, expression system transformation, high-throughput screening, formulation, and stability testing, and has developed innovative products with stable and safe performance and excellent application effect. products, and have independent intellectual property rights.



At present, VTR products have high temperature resistance α-amylase, which has overcome three technical difficulties of the product: temperature resistance, acid resistance, and efficient expression of enzymes, and has 4 national invention patents. High temperature resistant α-amylase plays an important role in the production of starchy alcohol, which can rapidly and randomly hydrolyze the α-1,4 glucosidic bonds in starch, reducing the viscosity of the mash, and facilitate material transportation; catalyze the production of a large number of molecular chains of different lengths. The soluble dextrin or short-chain starch provides a catalytic substrate for subsequent saccharification.



VTR glucoamylase product is a high-quality saccharification enzyme product with fast saccharification speed and strong post-saccharification ability, which is based on the characteristics of the saccharification process in the alcohol industry, using modern bioengineering technology for deep liquid fermentation, extraction, and refining.



VTR acid protease is used in the saccharification section, the brewer's cultivation section and the fermentation section of the alcohol industry. The amino acids produced by decomposing raw protein can promote the growth and reproduction of yeast, thereby improving the fermentation index and increasing the profitability of alcohol enterprises.



As a leading enterprise in the domestic biological enzyme preparation industry, VTR currently has 12 core technologies, 171 invention patents, and has established several professional industrial enzyme application research laboratories. The launch of VTR's alcohol enzyme products provides enterprises with diversified solutions. In the future, VTR will continue to innovate biotechnology, launch high-tech products and solutions, empower traditional industries with leading biotechnology, help the industry reduce costs and increase efficiency, help the green development of the alcohol industry, and promote the healthy and harmonious development of human and nature. make new contributions.


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