Promoting the construction of industry standards Enabling a good era for washing “enzyme”

Established in 1991, Guangdong VTR Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. (Stock code: 300381) is headquartered in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province. Focusing on the field of bioengineering, the company owns one national-recognized enterprise technology center, one academician workstation, one postdoctoral research workstation, and five provincial R&D engineering centers; With about 200 R&D personnel, top advanced talents with doctoral and master degree, and the R&D personnel of core technologies with rich experience, the company is the leading enterprise in China’s biological enzyme preparation industry.

Head Office of Guangdong VTR Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.

Involvement with drafting industry standards

VTR has continuously increased investment in the R&D field of washing enzyme, introduced excellent talents and advanced R&D equipment, and established good technical cooperation relations with many leading enterprises of chemicals for daily use at home. In addition, as a benchmarking enterprise of biological enzyme preparations in China, VTR bravely undertakes social responsibilities and makes full use of its scientific research advantages. In cooperation with China Research Institute of Daily Chemistry Co., Ltd., VTR actively got involved in drafting multiple industrial standards, including the national standard plan, Quality Specifications and Test Methods of Washing Enzyme Preparations Part 1: Alkaline Protease, and the national standard plan, Quality Specifications and Test Methods of Washing Enzyme Preparations Part 2: Lipase, contributing to the efficient and standardized development of the industry.

In recent years, laundry washing capsules have enjoyed very rapid development. However, since there is no uniform standard for laundry washing capsule products, many problems arise accordingly. Since April 1, 2022, the standard QB/T5658-2021 Laundry Washing Capsules has been officially implemented. After long-term investigation and research, in order to solve many problems and promote high-quality development of the industry, VTR has actively promoted the promulgation of the industry standard Laundry Washing Capsules, and expanded its influence, and worked together with China Research Institute of Daily Chemistry Co., Ltd. to help promote the extensive promotion of the industry standard, Laundry Washing Capsules.

Introduction to VTR Products

Based on the deep understanding of washing enzymes, VTR has selected natural washing enzymes with excellent performance from a large-scale and diversified enzyme resource library. In order to meet the needs of customers, making full use of the powerful R&D strength of scientific research platforms such as the national-recognized enterprise technology center, conducting continuous transformation of natural washing enzyme, VTR has become the first enterprise in China for large-scale production of washing enzyme preparations, and launched the key products YBJ C series and YBJ P series, providing a full range of innovative solutions to washing products for enterprises of chemicals for daily use.


VTR National-recognized Enterprise Technology Center

As China’s first public company engaged in the field of biological enzyme preparations for 31 years, VTR is committed to realizing continuous breakthroughs and iterations of products according to the needs of customers, and continues to launch safer, high-quality and rich detergent solutions for enterprises of chemicals for daily use and consumers. In addition, the promulgation and implementation of the industry standards that VTR got involved in drafting will continuously improve the quality level of washing products, and guide the healthy, standardized and high-quality development of the industry.

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