Forging ahead on a new journey, creating new brilliant achievements ---VTR held the ceremony of starting work in the New Year of 2022

At 8:18am on February 7, 2022 (the seventh day of the first lunar month), Guangdong VTR Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. held the ceremony of starting work in the head office in Zhuhai. Mr. Chen Shaomei, Chairman of the Board, together with senior executives and employees from the four systems including scientific research, production, marketing and the system directly subordinate to VTR attended the ceremony.

Ceremony site

At the ceremony site, all the staff, with full spirit and positive outlook, dressed in formal clothes and lined up neatly in front of the flag-raising platform. To the majestic and passionate national anthem, sonorous and powerful corporate song, the national flag and the corporate flag were successively raised in the solemn salute with the eyes. In the New Year, the staff of VTR will take a new attitude to meet new challenges and create new brilliant achievements.

At the beginning of the New Year, the outbreak of COVID-19 in Zhuhai has aroused the attention of people all over the country. In the area of epidemic containment, VTR actively responded to the call of the government, and immediately launched the fight against COVID-19, sparing no efforts to ensure the balance between epidemic containment and production. While doing a good job in self-protection, staff of the company stand fast and remain at their posts at the production line, stabilize production and guarantee supply, steadily promote business, ensuring the normal supply to global customers. Before the Spring Festival, Zhuhai successfully won the battle against COVID-19. VTR, together with people all over the country, combatted COVID-19 and made everything right!


At the ceremony of starting work, Mr. Chen Shaomei, Chairman of the Board, delivered a speech, cheering for everyone, encouraging the staff of VTR to work in the New Year with the spirit of struggle and unity, and start a new journey in the New Year. Subsequently, in the joyful sound of music, everyone was given the “Lucky Money in the New Year”, wishing everyone all the best and forge ahead with the vigor and vitality of the tiger in the year of tiger!


Chen Shaomei, Chairman of the Board, delivered a speech

Distributing “Lucky Money in the New Year”

In 2021, VTR successfully held its 30th anniversary celebration. Thanks to the care of the government and industry leaders, the support of partners and the efforts of all employees, VTR has enjoyed growth and expansion over the past 30 years. In the past year, uniting as one and forging ahead, the staff of VTR have made great highlights and achievements in scientific research, operation, marketing, production and other aspects, and presented satisfactory results to the society.

Looking back on the past 30 years, we have stood together through ups and downs; Based on a new starting point, we are fully equipped to start over. In 2022, VTR will consistently have its foothold in the field of big health, take customer value as the orientation, and strive to become a benchmark enterprise in the global biological enzyme preparation market and a leading enterprise in China’s animal nutrition and health industry. In addition, VTR will work with industry customers to continuously innovate biotechnology solutions and actively improve the quality of human life!

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