Top-class Products and Top-ranking Team for a Better Future of “Enzyme” in the Detergent Industry


October 20-22, 2021, the 2021 (14th) China International Cleanser Ingredients Machinery & Packing Expo (CIMP) was grandly held in Nanjing International Expo Center, Jiangsu Province. With the theme of "New Start, New Action, New Era, New Chapter", the event aims to provide a platform for industry exhibition and communication in the new era of “14th Five-Year Plan”, enhance the technological contents of daily chemical products, and promote the high-quality development of the daily chemical industry.

Exhibition Site

CIMP is organized by China Cleaning Industry Association (CCIA). With the development for over ten years, the scale of CIMP has increased year by year. With increasing product categories and enriched exhibition contents, it has become a renowned high-end authoritative exhibition in the domestic daily chemical industry, and has become the indicator of the industry development trends. Featuring an exhibition area of over 20,000 square meters with over 200 exhibitors, the successful holding of this event is of great significance.

Zhuhai headquarters of Guangdong VTR Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.

Guangdong VTR Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 300381), as the first listed company in the biological enzyme preparation industry in China, participated in the event with its heavyweight products in the detergent segment, Yibeijing C Series and Yibeijing P Series. This is the first time VTR exhibited following the integration of the industrial enzyme segment. With a professional exhibition team and a standardized setting-up process, comprehensive explanations were delivered by a team of technical experts. In addition, interactive games and exquisite gifts were offered to generate high popularity in the booth and bring a new experience to the visitors, which fully reflected the strength of the brand and aroused strong reactions from the industry.

VTR Booth

VTR Booth is located at 8G1, Hall 8. The overall design, with blue and white as the main colors, integrates the sense of technology and fashion and features distinctive style and generous atmosphere. As an innovative biotechnology enterprise, VTR has showcased its own characteristics in the product display area, video broadcasting area and business negotiation area, strengthened the scientific research strength and innovation highlights of the Company, closely followed the theme of the exhibition, focused on the development of the daily chemical industry, and exhibited heavyweight products and strategic planning, etc., which attracted a large number of exhibitors to stay at the booth for consultation, making the booth extremely popular.

Popular VTR Booth

Visitors stayed at the booth for consultation

In addition, interactive games were provided at the booth, which were played in an interesting manner, and under the guidance of the staff, arrangements such as following the official WeChat account were made in an orderly manner, with many visitors participating enthusiastically.


Visitors enthusiastically participated in interactive games

Meanwhile, the "41st (2021) Annual Conference of China Detergent Industry" was held with over 10 professional technical forums concurrently. At the forum of "Building a Clean Future Together", Mr. Zhang Shilin, former Executive Deputy Director of Guangzhou Daily Chemical Industry Research Institute, delivered a report titled “Discussion on Functional Raw Materials and Concentration of Green Detergents” on behalf of Mr. Zhao Jianhong, Professor of Guangdong University of Technology.

Mr. Zhang Shilin Introduced Yibeijing C Series

Mr. Zhang Shilin highlighted, with specific examples, that, in terms of green functional additives, the washing cellulase (Yibeijing C Series) produced by VTR could effectively decompose the gelatinous crystals formed by microfibers and water of cotton fabric, wash out the closed stains and reduce the color graying of the fabric caused by stain deposition; and meanwhile, it could shear the microfibers/remove the lint balls, transform the light from diffuse reflection to mirror reflection, so that the fabric would present more brilliant colors.

Mr. Zhang Shilin Introduced Yibeijing P Series

VTR Cleaning Protease (Yibeijing P series), acting as a protein binder, can bind inorganic particles, sebum and other dirt attached to the fibers; while the protease decomposes these protein-based stains, other types of dirt attached to them will also be detached, thereby achieving the purpose of decontamination.

Annual Conference Site

Mr. Zhang Shilin's presentation featured rich cases and in-depth explanations, and fully illustrated the highlights of Yibeijing Series products and VTR's strong scientific research strength, arousing enthusiastic discussion in the industry.

VTR has continued to introduce outstanding talents and advanced equipment, through years of research and development efforts, the Company has made a breakthrough in foreign technology monopoly and successfully developed fabric care enzymes - Yibeijin C Series and special protein enzymes for washing - Yibeijin P Series. Yibeijin C and Yibeijin P Series can avoid the unsafety of imported raw materials in the context of the COVID-19, and are important innovative raw materials for daily chemical companies to satisfy the demands of the majority of consumers, respond to national policies, empower detergents with new functions, and enable differentiation, high-end, concentration and greening of products.


The Yibeijing C Series Cellulase enzymes for washing feature dual functions of fabric cleaning and fabric care. The enzyme molecules of the product can penetrate deeply into the fabric, identify the damaged fabric fibers, swiftly shear off the microvilli on the damaged fabric surface, restore the smoothness and brilliance of the fabric surface, enhance the color vibrancy and contrast of the clothes, and remove the stubborn deep stains attached to the interior of the microvilli. The cellulase enzyme of the Yibeijing C Series for cleaning can also identify the roots of the lint balls generated by fabric damage, and reduce the adhesion of the lint balls to the fabric through hydrolysis, so that the lint balls can gradually be detached during the washing process, thereby providing a renovation effect that can be clearly perceived by consumers.


The protease of the Yibeijing P Series for cleaning, originated from the natural biological enzyme resources in nature, is specially adapted to the usage environment of daily chemical cleaning and modified by the current most advanced AI-aided design technology. The product can specifically identify various protein stains during the washing process, quickly cut the peptide bonds inside the protein stains, and transform the stains into small molecules of peptides and amino acids soluble in water.


Rising abruptly based on accumulated strength,behind this is VTR's proactive strategic layout, emphasis on scientific research investment, as well as the priority given to scientific research as the first productivity of enterprise development. Since the establishment of 30 years ago, VTR has always focused on the field of bioengineering, and has been consistently intensifying its investment in scientific research based on the high level R&D platform of the National Accredited Enterprise Technology Center.


VTR has been engaged in in-depth research work on industrial enzymes over a long period of time, established a gene pool of major industrial enzyme species, including alkaline protease for washing, and established a complete application research platform from laboratory to pilot test. On this basis, the R&D personnel have systematically performed research on directed evolution of various enzymes, expression system modification, high-throughput screening, formulation and stability testing, etc., and developed innovative products featuring stable and safe performance and excellent application effects, and obtained independent and proprietary intellectual property rights.

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With the rapid development of the national economy in China, the living standards of the people continue to improve, and the demands on the quality of life have also risen accordingly. Furthermore, the national strategy of "carbon peaking and carbon neutral" has also placed new demands on the cleaning industry, and as an industry closely related to the quality of national life, the planning of green and clean, high-quality development has once again been on the agenda. In the future, VTR will continue to explore in the field of enzyme preparations for washing, innovate the application of enzyme preparations in the new era, satisfy the demand of consumers for efficient and environmentally friendly washing products, further ensure the safety of household washing and care products, introduce safer, high-quality and richer detergent solutions for domestic washing and daily chemical enterprises and consumers, and further contribute to the promotion of the harmonious and healthy development of human and nature.

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