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——VTR Participate In China Feed Industry Exhibition 2021

The China Feed Industry Exhibition was hosted by China Feed Industry Association and National Animal Husbandry Station, Was grandly held in Chongqing International Expo Center from 18th April to 20th April in 2021. The theme of this exhibition is “Adapt to the new situation, Empower new development” which committed to show new achievements, exchange new experience,communicate new information,spread new ideas,promoting new cooperation and promote new technology for domestic and foreign animal husbandry feed industry. As a vice president of the Chinese Feed Industry Association unit,VTR gloriously shine on the stage with new products, anti-star products and combination of solutions.

Opening ceremony of China Feed Industry Exhibition 2021

Wang Zongli, head of National Animal Husbandry Station, executive vice president and secretary general of China Feed Industry Association, presided over the opening ceremony.

Academician Li Defa, president of China Feed Industry Association, made a speech and announced the opening of the exhibition

Chen Shaomei, chairman of VTR, attended the opening ceremony

In the morning of 18th, the opening ceremony of China Feed Industry Exhibition 2021 was held, which was presided over by Wang Zongli, director of National Animal Husbandry General Station and executive vice president and secretary-general of China Feed Industry Association, and delivered speeches by Academician Li Defa, president of China Feed Industry Association and other industry leaders. Academician Li Defa said that the exhibition has a large number of exhibitors and rich content, which has set up a broad platform for colleagues in the industry, and introduced the current new normal of the development of China's feed industry. This year is the first year of China's "14th Five-year Plan", is a key year to comprehensively promote rural revitalization and agricultural and rural modernization construction, is an important stage of the development of the feed industry, industry colleagues should implement the new development concept, strive for excellent results. Finally, Chairman Li Defa announced that the exhibition was officially opened!

VTR Exhibition booth

The VTR booth is located in the N3 Hall B07, covers an area of 144 square meters, the design is blue, white color, simple style atmosphere, in the details to reflect the biotechnology elements, highlight the industry leading enterprise style. The booth is divided into product display, business negotiation, video play, VIP reception and other areas, showing the company's research and development strength, core products and future strategic direction in an all-round way. The well-designed booth, high-tech products and meticulous service have attracted numerous customers and exhibitors to come to VTR booth to stop and exchange, and become a beautiful scenery line in this exhibition.

VTR Exhibition Booth in a booming situation

During the exhibition, wang Zongli, head of national Animal Husbandry Station, Executive vice president and secretary general of China Feed Industry Association, Academician Li Defa, president of China Feed Industry Association and other industry leaders visited the booth of VTR to inspect, and communicated with Chairman Shaomei Chen of VTR cordially, encouraged the company to make more achievements!



Wang Zongli, head of National Animal Husbandry Station, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of China Feed Industry Association, Academician Li Defa, president of China Feed Industry Association and other industry leaders came to VTR booth and took a group photo with Chairman Shaomei Chen

Over the past 30 years, VTR has always adhered to the modern biotechnology innovation to build the core competitiveness of enterprises, and constantly increase research and development investment, with the advantages of technological resources and scientific research platform, to promote the overall landing of the industrial layout. At the exhibition, VTR showed a variety of star products, such as new blockbuster “YINENGBAO” and “MEIYOUZHUANG”, “YIBEIKANG”, “MICROTECH S”, “YIWEIJING”, covering the company's biological enzyme preparations, medicinal plant extraction, animal nutrition and health plate.


The exhibitors stopped around to look at the samples

As the first listed company in China's biological enzyme preparation industry, VTR continues to strengthen the technical reserve in the field of feeding substitution and application research of biological enzyme preparation, and at the same time, it has launched forward-looking strategic new products, providing more choices for the industry with continuous innovation of biotechnology, leading the new direction of industry development.

Exhibitors all come over to VTR(YIDUOLI) for a consult

Shaomei Chen, chairman of the VTR, communicated warmly with the visiting customers

Shaomen Chen, the chairman of VTR took photos with visiting clients

The photo of exhibitors of VTR

In March this year, the 30th anniversary celebration of VTR was held successfully, which set a new benchmark of high-quality development for the industry. As the no.1 brand exhibition with the largest scale, the highest degree of specialization, and the strongest influence and transmission power in the domestic feed industry, the Feed Industry Exhibition was suspended due to the COVID-19 epidemic last year. This exhibition is the first time to be held after the epidemic, which is of great significance. During the exhibition, VTR not only showed a new upgraded brand image, but also a more comprehensive display of the company's strategic new products and many star products, at the same time to deepen the communication and cooperation with customers and colleagues in the industry, in the brand communication, brand influence, industry recognition reached a new height.

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