Innovation leads the future and empowers industry development

——VTR makes a stunning appearance at the 2021 Animal Expo

Introduction: The sunset and the lonely bird fly together, and the autumn water is the same as the sky. Nanchang in May has a beautiful scene and a splendid industry event. On May 16-17, the "Seventh Global Pig Industry Forum and the Eighteenth (2021) China Pig Industry Development Conference" was grandly held, and the "Nineteenth (2021) China Animal Husbandry Expo" (hereinafter referred to as "Animal Fair"). During the exhibition, Chairman Chen Shaomei of Guangdong VTR Biotechnology Co., Ltd. accompanied Ma Youxiang, a member of the Party Leadership Group, Vice Minister and Chief Livestock Pastor of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and Li Xirong, President of the China Animal Husbandry Association, to inspect the museum.

Photos of the pavilion tour

Industry leaders such as Li Xirong, Chairman of the China Animal Husbandry Association, He Xintian, Secretary-General, visited the VTR booth and had a cordial exchange with Chairman Chen Shaomei, affirming the company's achievements and encouraging the company to achieve better results.

Chairman Li Xirong of China Animal Husbandry Association, Secretary-General He Xintian, and Chairman Chen Shaomei communicated and took a group photo

Chairman Chen Shaomei participated in the awards ceremony of the 19th (2021) China Animal Husbandry Expo Exhibitor Appreciation and Innovation Competition

On May 16-17, the "Seventh Global Pig Industry Forum and the Eighteenth (2021) China Pig Industry Development Conference" was grandly held. The theme of the conference was "stabilizing production, preventing risks, establishing mechanisms, and seeking development". In addition, the main leaders and technical backbones of large leading companies such as Muyuan, Zhengbang Group, New Hope Group, and other large-scale leading enterprises were invited to gather together to discuss the difficulties and hot topics of industry development, and further help the industry overcome challenges, promote industry transformation and upgrade, and improve competitiveness, etc. Conducted multi-angle and in-depth academic seminars.

Conference scene

The conference was sponsored by the China Animal Husbandry Association, and hosted by the Pig Branch of the China Animal Husbandry Association, the National Pig Industry Technology System, and Beijing China Animal Husbandry Media Technology Co., Ltd. At the conference, Dr. Guo Yuguang, Manager of Monogastric Animal Research Department, Senior Engineer of R&D Center of Guangdong VTR Biotechnology Co., Ltd., outstanding young talents in Zhuhai industry, and backbone of Zhuhai R&D talents, brought the title "Application of Biotechnology in Non-Antibiotic Breeding" The report caused a wide range of heated discussions and strong responses in the industry.

Dr. Yuguang Guo made a report

In the era of resistance-free, how to alleviate and eliminate the problems caused by banned antibiotics in feed is a common concern of the entire industry. At the meeting, VTR Dr. Yuguang Guo gave a keynote speech on "The Application of Biotechnology in Antibiotic-Free Farming". Under the current background that the country is accelerating the anti-antibiotic process, the realization of anti-resistant farming needs to meet the basic needs of the industry (disease prevention) and Core needs (promoting growth), etc. Subsequently, from the perspectives of R&D history and functional ingredients, it introduced the glucose oxidase products developed and produced by VTR, as well as the country's first Class II new Chinese veterinary drug, Bo Lao Hui San. As the first natural medicine feed additive in my country, Boluohuisan has no drug withdrawal period and can be used as a substitute product for a long time. VTR has innovatively launched the "Boluohuisan + Biological Enzyme Preparation" alternative anti-antiseptic solution, which synergistically increases efficiency and fully exerts the effects of disease prevention and growth promotion. Finally, Dr. Guo combined with the practical application of the program in the breeding environment, so that the guests at the meeting have a better understanding of VTR's systematic alternative solutions, and VTR is determined to help the aquaculture industry achieve recyclable development.

On May 18th, the "Nineteenth (2021) China Animal Husbandry Expo" was grandly held. With the theme of "Transformation and Innovation to Promote Development, Improve Quality and Efficiency to Ensure Safety", the exhibition area exceeded 160,000 square meters. , Has become the industry event with the largest scale, the most exhibitors, the fastest growth, and the most complete leading enterprises in all previous animal fairs. According to the organizer, more than 200,000 exhibitors and visitors came to Nanchang to visit, exchange and negotiate business. Guangdong VTR Biotech Co., Ltd. has demonstrated its brand strength to the world through various forms and channels with the help of the vast platform of the Animal Expo.

On the morning of the 19th, the opening ceremony of the Animal Expo was held. He Xintian, secretary-general of the China Animal Husbandry Association, presided over, and Li Xirong, the chairman of the China Animal Husbandry Association, and other industry leaders gave speeches.

Speech by Li Xirong, President of China Animal Husbandry Association

The VTR booth is located at 6A25, Hall A6, with blue and white as the main color, echoing the company's brand LOGO. As a leading company in the industry, the overall style of the booth is concise and generous, and the details are exquisite. From the space layout to the on-site activities, innovation and win-win are the keynotes, which are highly in line with the theme of this animal fair. The video was played continuously on-site, and VTR's main product "Yiweijing" and the star substitute product series attracted great attention.

VTR Booth

In addition, in order to further enhance interactivity and increase participation, VTR has set up a carousel lottery event to give gifts to exhibitors from all over the world. The gifts are rich and the winning rate is 100%! Under the guidance of the staff, the lottery links such as paying attention to the official account were carried out in an orderly manner. Many exhibitors actively participated, making the whole booth lively and making the industry fully feel the full enthusiasm and vitality of VTR.

Exhibitors actively participated in the lucky draw

Group photo of Mr. Huang Chenglin, brand director of VTR Group, and the lucky winners who won the first prize

Unique aesthetic booths and innovative activities, high-tech products and strong scientific research capabilities have attracted a large number of customers and exhibitors to the VTR booth to stop and communicate, becoming the highlight of the exhibition.

VTR booth is full of popularity

Exhibitors stopped to watch samples

As the first listed company in my country's biological enzyme preparation industry, VTR has continued to innovate biotechnology since its establishment 30 years ago, and promoted the coordinated development of the three major industries of biological enzyme preparations, biomedicine, animal nutrition and health. Relying on the advantages of scientific research platforms such as nationally recognized enterprise technology centers, VTR is committed to launching forward-looking strategic products to provide more choices for the industry.

Group photo of VTR exhibitors

As the most influential and disseminating brand exhibition in my country's animal husbandry industry, the Animal Expo is a high-quality window for the public to understand the animal husbandry industry. It has been successfully held for 18 sessions. Under the influence of various factors such as the current global new crown epidemic, the sluggish world economic growth, the increasing downward pressure on the domestic economy, and the complex and volatile industry situation, the successful holding of this conference demonstrates that the entire industry is going against the trend and achieving a win-win future. His confidence and determination have also become a new opportunity and new starting point for the development of the industry. During the exhibition, VTR further broadened the terminal breeding channels, strengthened the brand influence, and fully empowered the green and efficient development of the industry. I believe that in the future, VTR will join hands with the industry to seek a new development situation, create a new future for development, and use innovative biotechnology to help human life better.

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