Industry pioneer Guangdong VTR marks its 30th anniversary

On March 30, 2021, to mark its 30th anniversary, enzyme pioneer Guangdong VTR Bio-Tech ('VTR') held a combined celebration event and an industry summit at its headquarters in Zhuhai city in Guangdong province, China.

In his opening speech, chairman of VTR, Chen Shaomei, recalled that when he founded the company in 1991, it was China's first home-grown success in the field of feed enzyme development and production. In 2014, VTR again made history by being the first Chinese enzyme producer to list on the Growth Enterprise Market, a small-cap exchange on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The successful listing lent support to VTR's expansion into the bioenergy, food, medical, textile and paper industries, primarily through the acquisition of local companies. Over the past 30 years, according to Chen, VTR has continuously strengthened its brand positioning, including on the international market. More recently, VTR is actively responding to the push towards antibiotic-free production in China and abroad. Indeed, one focus of VTR's industry summit for the day was on antibiotic-free feedproduction.

Chen Shaomei, chairman of VTR, giving his opening speech

The industry summit consisted of three forums. The first was focussed on antibiotic-free production in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area. The second discussed the company's developments in veterinary biopharmaceuticals. The third covered industrial applications of microbial enzymes. The forums covered environmental and digitalisation concerns in production, and the interest in new feed technologies.

Of the invited guests, besides officials from the government and industry associations, others of special mention were: Liu Hanyuan, chairman of the board of directors of Tongwei Group; Wen Pengcheng, honorary chairman of Wen's Group; Qin Yinglin, chairman of Muyuan Food; Tao Yishan, chairman of Tangrenshen Group; Xue Hua, chairman of Haida Group; and Wang Degen, chairman of West Hope Group.

The summit also invited prominent academic experts. These included research fellows Yao Bin, Yin Yulong, Mai Kangsen and Chen Jian from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, who are researching on respectively, microbial and enzyme engineering; animal nutrition; feed and nutritional technologies for aquatic species; and biotechnology. Professors Guo Yuming and Feng Dingyuan from respectively China Agricultural University and South China Agricultural University were also invited.


Research fellow Yao Bin from the Chinese Academy of Engineering giving his presentation on microbial enzyme research at the forum on antibiotic-free production in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area

On the day of the celebration, a ribbon-cutting ceremony, to mark the completion of the second stage of the expansion of VTR's national-level technology centre, was also held. The expansion will add, among other facilities, research laboratories for both solid and liquid dosage forms of veterinary drugs. Equipment for high-performance liquid chromatography, triple-bioreactor fermentation and vertical decontamination would also be incorporated.

According to VTR, the expansion would respond to China's innovation drive, encourage industry transformation, and accelerate the development and commercialisation of the company's new technologies.


A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to mark the completion of the second stage of the expansion of VTR’s national-level technology centre

Following VTR's 30th-anniversary event, eFeedLink was honoured to be part of a joint media interview with chairman Chen. Addressing eFeedLink's question on how VTR has been reaching out to the international market during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Chen said that a variety of new methods had been employed, including through multimedia. In 2020, more than 150 online meetings, large and small, were organised. According to Chen, these meetings were highly effective, and overseas business actuallygrew in 2020. For the global live streaming of VTR's 30th-anniversary event, about 100,000 people tuned in, with close to 20,000 from overseas. Going forward, the industry can expect more of such online activities, Chen added.

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