2020 Team Building Activities Ended in A Satisfactory Way

In order to further strengthen the talent team building, enhance team cohesion, enhance the awareness of customer service, enrich the amateur life of employees. September 11-13, Guangdong VTR Bio-tech Co., Ltd. headquarters staff went to Zhuhai Dong’ao Island, held the team building activities whose theme is "go far and focus on the cohesion", the company's chairman Mr. Chen Shaomei and company executives participated in the whole process.



The team building activities was held on "Diamond Beach" of Nansha Bay in Dong’ao Island, we bathed in the sun, enjoyed the sea breeze, stepped on the fine sand, overlooked the sea, under the guidance of instructors, we broke fresh ground and got a good result of team building activities. And we gathered on the beach as the shape of "VTR" new LOGO. The whole event site was both passionate and warm and harmonious, we did not care about age, no department, no title, in order to cooperate with the same goal, we overcome difficulties, in carry forward selfless dedication, unity and cooperation spirit at the same time, to reach the aim of team cohesion.



In the knowledge learning session, Professor Fei of the History Department of Sun Yat-sen University was invited to give a lecture entitled "Lecture on the International and Domestic Situation" for all the staff. From the perspective of "the international pattern evolution of one superpower and multi powers", "geopolitics" and "China-U.S. relations", Professor Fei explained in depth the current international and domestic economic situation and the measures taken by China to deal with the current international trade disputes.



After Professor Fei's lesson, VTR Chairman Mr. Chen Shaomei made a wonderful comment. He said: "2020 is an extraordinary year, under the complex international and domestic situation accompanying COVID-19, our whole company is in sincere unity, we forge ahead, view the crisis as an opportunity to seize it, the sales sections still maintain a high rate of growth, this result is hard-won, this is the result of the joint efforts of all the VTR staff. We did a good job in this team building activities, the training activities reflect the cohesion of the team, it is useful for the next step that serve better for customers. We are usually engaged in management system, and are in lack of the knowledge of ‘international and domestic situation’, so today we choose such a topic to learn, also hope that we can understand the world pattern and national events at the same time, and enhance the overall sense, hope that would be helpful for us in the daily work for better decisions, judgments, so that our business will better follow the international and domestic trends, to create greater value for customers. "



As a company that attaches great importance to the construction of talent team, VTR has always paid a lot attention to the training of the comprehensive quality of employees. Whether in the difficult period of enterprise start-up, or the present period of rapid development, the construction of systematic and all-round talent echelon, the efforts to enhance the comprehensive ability of employees, are always the enterprise's unswerving talent development aim. Under the complex situation of global spread of COVID-19 and the world economic crisis, VTR staff have firm confidence to stick to view scientific research as the first productive force, and our determination of international development will not change, VTR staff will continue to create value for global customers, never stop!

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