VTR's new brand image was released on the new official website!

In the morning of August 18th, the launch ceremony of VTR new brand image and the new group's official website were successfully held, which marked that VTR's brand building work has reached a new level.


At the press conference in Zhuhai headquarter, VTR’ s Chairman Mr. Chen, vice president Mr. Zhou and other senior executives attended the event. News media from Beijing, Shanghai and other places such as the "Farmer's Daily" raised questions about their respective concerns, and the executives answered one by one.



In recent years, as VTR's business has expanded from the field of biological enzyme preparations to biomedicine, VTR's business scope has also expanded from the domestic market to the worldwide, and its marketing service network covers more than 60 countries and regions around the world. In the brand building and external communication, it is necessary to upgrade and optimize the brand logo that has been in use for more than 20 years.

While inheriting the "Victory" elements of VTR, the new brand logo pays more attention to the embodiment of biotech enterprise elements. For example, the new version of the logo is a clever combination of DNA graphics combined with VTR letter shapes, and at the same time an upgrade of corporate values such as "Mountaineer Looking Forward" and "Water Conservancy". On the basis of being more international and recognizable, the new logo also gives VTR brand new connotation and cultural heritage, which is in line with VTR's brand positioning as a World-leading biotechnology company.

VTR Group's new official website “www.yiduoli.com” was launched at the same time. The new official website adopts the current popular large-picture through structure, and the UI design conforms to the "biological blue" attribute of the new brand image. The design of the homepage is simple and atmospheric, highlighting the professional and rigorous characteristics of biotechnology companies. The product introduction is accompanied by pictures and texts, allowing customers to quickly find interesting content, which is conducive to improving the access efficiency.

The impact of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 is superimposed by the African swine fever. On July 1st, the “Ban on Antibiotics” of feed brought huge changes to the market, and both risks and opportunities exist for Chinese companies. VTR looks at these changes from a strategic perspective. It needs to find opportunities from the crisis. On the one hand, it will increase scientific research to accelerate the transformation of results, and continue to introduce market-competitive solutions and products; on the other hand, we will actively try new online marketing and promotion methods to enrich constantly the brand connotation of VTR.

VTR Multilingual Anti-epidemic Video released globally on May 8th, VTR International’s official website went online on June 18th, “Macleaya cordata + Enzymes” on July 1st, released an animated video for anti-star series products. On August 8th, the 720-degree Panoramic Display System was launched. On August 18th, the new brand image was released and the new official website of the group was launched. Behind a series of dizzying new measures, VTR staff are determined to forge ahead, constantly surpass themselves, reflect their social responsibility, and lead the development of the industry. Taking the launch of the new brand image and new official website as an opportunity, VTR's brand building work will be further improved to be a powerful brand support for the company's international development.

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