Company Culture

Human oriented, United, Sincere 

A company without cultural nourishment is like a body without soul. VTR is intensively managing a company as well as building a culture. Persistency is sourced from VTR's respect for the cultural spirit. 

Born in the Spring of the new era/VTR boasts of infinite vitality/we are dedicated to biological engineering/create value for our country and human beings/we are human oriented/honesty first...when the inspiring Song of VTR is sung every time, every VTR staff feels passionate and mobilized. 

To sing VTR song and lift VTR flag is only an epitome of VTR corporate culture, which has been passed down one generation after the other just like the relay baton in the hand of the athlete.
The peculiar corporate culture is the spirit and essence of VTR, root and soul of VTR. 

VTR carries forward culture, and transmits spirit. Corporate ideas become more dazzling, and are full of vitality and vigor!

VTR staff is ready to demonstrate VTR ideas and spirits with more profound boldness and firmer steps, and safeguard corporate image with honesty and responsibilities. VTR deems brand as life, and embraces the international community by quality, technology and service.
​(i) Rudder (direction)
Corporate mission

To be dedicated to biological technology research and application, meet with customers' demands with exceptional product and service, and constantly enhance human living quality.
Corporate vision

To be the world's leading bio-tech company.
Corporate spirit 
Innovation, Responsibility, Value, Sharing

Corporate style

Dedicated, Practical, Humble, Efficient
Core value outlook 

Service, Technology, Honesty, Harmony

(ii) Paddle (dynamics)​
Business ideas
To create value, satisfy customers, reputation first, continuous operation

Management ideas
Management creates benefit, and details determines success

Marketing ideas
To focus on demand, committed to customers, value-creating marketing, and emphasize brand reputation

Service ideas
To provide heartfelt service every day. Customers' satisfaction is our standard.

Talent ideas

Care, Quality, Culture, Action

Innovation ideas 

Creativity =Competitiveness; Only continuous innovation can secure winning during competition.

(iii) Anchor (security)
Product ideas
Improvement is constant.

Quality ideas
Quality determines value; to seek perfection is our everlasting theme.

Safety ideas
Safety first, prevention centric, rules foremost, focusing on pooling collective wisdom

Team ideas
To encourage team work, and pursue 1+1>2 effect

Learning ideas
Respecting the capable, applying knowledge learned to practice, lifelong learning, and exceeding infinite

Implementation ideas
Rapid response, collaboration, advance in the face of difficulties, and emphasizing results